The Impact of ChatGPT on Marketing – Part 4

(Courtesy Wordtream) 

So finally in the last part of our series – expect to see big changes in both how search engines rank content—and how brands optimize for SERPs.

How ChatGPT will impact Google Search

Here are some specific ways experts predict ChatGPT will impact Google Search 

Generative content may be penalised

Marketers who use AI-generated content should be aware it may hurt their rankings as Google can detect this content—and penalize websites accordingly, as ChatGPT may will result in automated content produced on a massive scale.

How well Google is able to identify and reward real content and discourage the use of AI content over the next year will likely shape the future of the web.

If the search giant is not able to stem the tide of AI content in SERPs, the quality of content on the Internet could continue to deteriorate.

Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness become paramount

Instead of simply publishing AI-produced content, brands should focus on expert-level niche-specific content that builds trust and authority with Google. Google wants companies to build topical authority in order to rank content. Topical authority means producing an extensive amount of content to cover the niche and achieve authority.

This can help brands boost their rankings and so will using ChatGPT as a data analysis tool to optimize content.

ChatGPT can help businesses optimize their content for search engines and even generate meta descriptions and title tags. Adding ChatGPT to your SEO strategy can help boost rankings by 25%. ChatGPT can also help optimization efforts by “providing natural and conversational responses that match users’ search queries.”

Using responses from ChatGPT can open up opportunities for optimization when coupled with the expertise and authority of human writers.

Ranking factors get reshuffled

Google uses the depth of topical coverage and the amount of content, entities, and interconnections as ranking favor. However, the affordability of content will inevitably lead to an inflation of these factors as they will become so easy to manipulate,” he added. “This is why I believe Google will shift towards authority as a ranking factor.”That means the quality and quantity of backlinks and citations will be much more important going forward.

Improved understanding of user intent

Meanwhile, ChatGPT can help brands and Google alike better understand a user’s intent behind each search—and deliver more relevant results (or rank better for said queries).

Google search algorithms are already using AI technologies to deliver more relevant and personalized search results. ChatGPT and other AI technologies can potentially enhance the search experience further by delivering more accurate and personalized results. 



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